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SOHO Highlights 2021 Virtual Venue

The SOHO Highlights meeting will be held in a virtual event venue. A lobby will welcome participants and guide attendees to three different rooms: 1) General Sessions; 2) Resource Center; and, 3) Help Desk.

To listen to live lectures, select 'General Sessions.'  Once inside the auditorium, attendees may click the 'viewing screen' to open the live webinar. Zoom Webinar will be used during the SOHO Highlights meeting to facilitate the live feed with speakers, questions from the audience and group chat.

During the webinar portion, the Q&A feature will give attendees the  chance to ask questions during presentations. The meeting chairpersons and the panelists are given the opportunity to answer questions from the audience. A full 10-minutes is devoted to audience Q&A following each presentation. Attendees can ‘upvote’ each other’s questions, increasing the likelihood of certain questions getting answered. In addition, attendees may answer each other’s questions, which can often prove to be helpful.

Approximately 7-10 days before the meeting, all registrants will receive instructions and a link to access the SOHO Highlights virtual platform. Remember to download the Chrome Browser for the best viewing experience.